Meet the Team

Bonita Parker
Founder and Handler

Sniff Master General

Chief Morale Officer

Bonita and Ellie form an exceptional canine/handler team in the realm of bed bug detection, each bringing their unique strengths to ensure unparalleled service. Bonita, with over 25 years in program management, systems engineering and quality assurance, provides expert leadership for their high-quality bed bug detection operations. Her extensive experience with German Shepherds, including 17 years of ownership and therapy work at multiple rehab facilities with Ernie, has given her a profound understanding of canine behavior and training.

Ellie, a one-year-old German Shepherd, has undergone rigorous training under the tutelage of a military specialist with over 20 years of expertise in precision odor detection, focusing on explosive and narcotic detection. Her training, characterized by military-grade precision and discipline, ensures she operates with the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency. Ellie has been extensively socialized in diverse environments, interacting with a wide range of individuals, which has honed her adaptability and sociability. This extensive socialization makes her perfectly adaptable for both residential and commercial settings, where her unique blend of precision training and affable temperament makes her an invaluable asset for bed bug detection.

Ernie, a 7-year-old therapy dog, holds esteemed titles including the AKC Therapy Dog Advanced (THDA) and Canine Good Citizen. His weekly visits to a rehab facility bring comfort and joy to residents, showcasing his gentle and therapeutic nature. In his professional role, Ernie serves as the Chief Morale Officer, where he not only uplifts spirits but also plays a crucial role in maintaining discipline and order, particularly with his canine colleague, Ellie. His dedication and temperament make him an invaluable asset to Potomac Working Dogs, embodying the essence of therapeutic companionship and professional canine conduct.

The synergy between Bonita’s technical and professional expertise and Ellie’s advanced scent detection training, creates a formidable team. Bonita’s experience in nurturing and understanding canine behavior, combined with her technical skills, enhances Ellie’s natural abilities. This results in a highly effective, analytically informed, and sensitive approach to bed bug detection. Together, they offer not just a service but a guarantee of thoroughness, reliability, and a humane touch in addressing bed bug issues, underpinned by a robust blend of technical excellence and canine expertise.