Preparing for a Canine Bed Bug Inspection

In order to ensure the highest accuracy and efficiency during a canine bed bug inspection, there are several steps you should take to prepare your space:


Cleanliness: Tidy up the area to be inspected. Remove clutter as much as possible to allow the canine team unhindered access to potential bed bug hiding spots, such as furniture, bed frames, carpets, and baseboards.


Food and Pet Toys: Remove all food and pet toys from the area to avoid distraction during the inspection.


Air Fresheners: Remove any air fresheners or strongly scented items at least 24 hours before the inspection, as these can interfere with the canine’s ability to detect the scent of bed bugs.


Quiet Environment: Minimize noise and foot traffic in the area during the inspection. This allows the canine to focus solely on the task at hand without distractions.


Temperature: Maintain a moderate temperature in the space. Extremely hot or cold temperatures might impact the dog’s ability to perform its job effectively.


People and Pets: Keep other pets in a separate area during the inspection. If possible, limit the number of people present in the area while the inspection is taking place.


Personal Items: Secure personal items of value. While the canine team is trained to respect your space, it’s always a good idea to secure any items that could be damaged or that are of significant sentimental or monetary value.


Remember, the goal of these preparations is to create an environment that is conducive for the canine to work as effectively as possible. This ensures you receive the most accurate results from your inspection.