Potomac Working Dogs: Your Partner in Bed Bug Detection and Prevention

Ensuring Guest Comfort and Upholding Business Integrity with Advanced Canine Detection

Why Potomac Working Dogs?

We specialize in the early detection of bed bugs in hotels and Airbnbs, using expertly trained canines. Our services are designed to protect your business from bed bug infestations, maintaining your reputation and ensuring guest satisfaction.


Key Benefits of Our Service

  1. Independent and Reliable Detection: We offer unbiased assessments, focusing solely on detection to provide honest results.
  2. Effective Infestation Prevention: Early detection is key in preventing the spread of bed bugs, significantly reducing the cost and extent of necessary treatments.
  3. Cost-Effective Strategy: With an average cost of $500 per inspection, regular detection is far more economical compared to the extensive costs (ranging from $300 to $5,000) of treating larger infestations.
  4. Boosting Guest Confidence: Publicizing your regular use of our detection services reassures guests, providing them with peace of mind about their stay.
  5. Scientifically Proven Methods: Our canines are specifically trained for accurate and quick bed bug detection, ensuring the highest level of pest-free environments.
  6. Customized Solutions: We tailor our services to meet the unique needs of your property, ensuring effective pest management.

Cost Benefit Analysis

  • Graphical Representation: The cost benefit analysis graph we’ve generated (refer to the earlier section) illustrates the long-term savings of regular bed bug detection versus the costs associated with post-infestation treatments, including potential revenue loss due to damaged reputation. Over a period of five years, regular inspections prove to be a more cost-effective approach.
  • Providing Assurance to Guests: By actively managing bed bug risks and advertising our detection services, you enhance the trust and satisfaction of your guests, leading to positive reviews and repeat visits.

Our Promise

 At Potomac Working Dogs, we are committed to delivering discreet, professional, and effective bed bug detection services. Partnering with us ensures the highest standards of cleanliness and guest safety.

Take Proactive Steps for Your Business

 Avoid the pitfalls of bed bug infestations. Implement regular detection to maintain an excellent reputation and ensure the utmost guest satisfaction. Contact Potomac Working Dogs today for a comprehensive bed bug inspection.